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As your local installation experts, we aim to make the entire process as seamless as possible for our busy home and business owners! Whether it’s ensuring that a busy family with kids and pets is displaced as little as possible, or helping operations run smoothly for a place of business, efficient installation involves many key steps to take before, during, and after the big day.

We can help you analyze your space, subfloor, and installation method to take the best course of action for successful long-term results. Hard surface and soft surface flooring options will have specific requirements and steps that affect the time it takes to get your stunning new floors down. With Chillicothe Carpet, new renovations, remodels, and design refreshes have never been easier to complete!

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Insured Installers

Once you select the flooring options that you love for your home, it’s just as important to work with insured installers to complete your project! In addition to the expertise to handle tricky dimensions, installation patterns such as chevron and herringbone, and handle any grout work, hiring insured installers will you give you peace of mind, plus guarantee dimensional stability and even surfaces.

Furniture Removal | Chillicothe Carpet

Furniture Moving

In the fast pace of the modern world, removing furniture can be a difficult task to complete prior to your new flooring installation. This is even more taxing if you don’t have proper moving equipment on hand with rollers. No matter what flooring product you love, all furniture and furnishings will need to be removed from the space. We can help make your arrangements for a stress-free process!

Flooring Disposal | Chillicothe Carpet

Flooring Removal

Many of your favorite flooring types including hardwood, carpet, tile, and stone, will require a completely level subfloor and cannot be installed over existing floors. If your laminate or luxury vinyl product does not offer floating floor installation capability, this will apply as well! We can assist in flooring removal and disposal, which makes your pre-installation checklist that much easier.

As your installation day approaches, learn more about the process below.

Carpet Installation | Chillicothe Carpet

Carpet Installation

Hardwood Installation | Chillicothe Carpet

Hardwood Installation

Vinyl Installation | Chillicothe Carpet

Vinyl Installation

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