Carpet Care & Maintenance

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Keep your carpet feeling plush and looking its best for years to come!

While many of our carpets are manufactured with built-in protection against stains, you'll still need to incorporate some daily care and maintenance into your routine! Doing so will also improve the air quality in your home, as carpet is excellent at trapping allergens. Learn more below!

Daily care & maintenance

Start by investing in doormats and placing them throughout your home. Have friends and family members use them when entering your home. You should also ask visitors to remove outdoor shoes before walking across your carpet. It’s important to minimize the amount of dirt tracked onto your flooring, as dirt particles can damage carpet fibers. Here are some other simple preventative maintenance tips:

  • Place carpet protectors underneath all furniture legs.
  • Use a quality carpet pad to add extra softness and support.
  • Take care when moving heavy furniture.

While keeping preventative maintenance in mind, you should also develop a regular care routine. This should include regularly vacuuming your carpet using a manufacturer-approved appliance. If your carpet experiences light to medium traffic, vacuuming it once or twice a week should be sufficient. If it experiences heavy traffic, however, you may want to vacuum more frequently.

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Dealing with spills & stains

No matter how careful you are, your carpet will likely fall victim to a spill or mess of some sort, especially if you have children or pets. If this happens, don’t panic! Many of our carpets are sold with stain-resistant technology built right into their fibers, making it easy to clean common household messes. Still, it’s important to address spills the right way.

First, determine if a spill is water- or oil-based. You can use a clean cloth to absorb some; others will require a more comprehensive approach. For these, you’ll want to take a look at your manufacturer's cleaning guidelines.

Note: Never use bleach on your carpet.